I don’t know about you, but I tend to work on the same text files over long periods of time. Why do I have to open each file separately every time like a sucker? Plus, I want to work on multiple files simultaneously and flip back and forth between them without saving anything until I’m ready. Maybe that sounds strange, but it’s just how I roll. Sometimes I also like to squat on the ground, hug my knees, and lean forward. Because that, too, is how I roll. Anyway, this is what Parallelogram looks like.

As you can see, there is not much to see. But you have fifteen files open simultaneously. The file names do not change, but you can label them whatever you want. They are all accessible under the I/O menu. The point is that you have fifteen documents that are always open simultaneously. You can flip between them, export them etc., and save changes only when you ready (one at a time or all at once). And when you open Parallelogram again, viola!, they are all there ready to go.

Costy Spendy? Baity-switchy?



Here you go.